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Autonomous drone inspection: AI enables, for the first time, customers to perform independent automated drone inspections. An international patent-protected technology for visual inspection and contactless lightning protection measurement for on- and offshore wind turbines.

Acceptance of drones

The use of unmanned aviation is growing rapidly in both the civil and commercial sectors. Of course, it doesn’t remain unnoticed – more and more people are coming into contact with the new technology in their private or business lives. Therefore, the legitimate question arises: Will the use of drones be accepted by the population?

AI and climate protection

Der Bundesverband für KI hat im Februar 2021 ein Positionspapier zum Thema “Wie Künstliche Intelligenz Klimaschutz und Nachhaltigkeit fördern kann” herausgebracht. Hierin wird ein Sieben-Punkte-Plan beschrieben, welcher konkrete Schritte zeigt, um mit KI effektiv zum Klimaschutz beizutragen. In nachfolgendem Artikel wird das Positionspapier zusammengefasst.

Wind turbine damages

The complexity of wind turbines increased due to ever higher efficiency and performance. This also raise up the risk of damage to the turbines. These range from gearbox damage to electrical damage to lightning or even fire damage. These can result in downtime for the operator and high costs for the insurance companies – which may be avoidable.

Wind turbine insurance

The development in the field of wind energy in recent decades has been enormous. The rated power, for example, is constantly increasing and thus also the yields. These are a thousand times higher than they were in the early 1980s. Furthermore, the turbines are getting bigger, more powerful and more efficient. All in all, this means that a higher risk has also arisen – and accordingly special insurances are necessary.


Drone-based Inspection


Drones are increasingly being used as an alternative for the inspection of wind turbines. TOPseven’s AI takes the technology to the next level: The autonomous drone inspections document damages and identifies possible defects in the lightning protection system.


Independent use of fully autonomous drones by the customer, without specialized pilots.

Due to the independent monitoring via AI the customer doesn’t require a specialized pilot for the autonomous drone inspection. Thus, the customer needs a minimum training to get started.

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Industry standard reporting with complete and reproducible images.

The AI controlled camera delivers continues, high-quality images with seamless overlapping.

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Autonomous drone based inspection only requires a single stop of the wind turbine.

For the visual inspection of all blades and the tower, as well as the contactless measurement of the lightning protection, the wind turbine only needs to be stopped once.

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Possible defects are being identified and located by special contactless sensors.

In only a few minutes the TOPseven drone checks the lightning protection of the system - contactless. Special sensors detect the defect and can exactly localize the interruption.

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