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SLAM or Simultaneous Localization and Mapping is one of the most exciting key technologies in the world of robotics and automated systems; it is truly ground-breaking.

From tricopters to fixed-wing-drones:

Drones are no longer just toys for technology enthusiasts or reserved for the military; with their entry into commercial applications and public services, they have become essential assistants in numerous sectors. At TOPseven we have not just observed this development, we have been actively involved in shaping it so that we can offer our customers the optimal drone solution for their specific requirements.

Diversity at TOPseven

The modern world of work is characterised by diversity and internationality – two terms that are no longer just slogans but a living reality in progressive companies. TOPseven, a specialist in the development of drone software for the visual inspection of wind turbine generators and PV installations as well as complex infrastructure, is a prime example of diversity in practice.

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