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Posts on current topics related to the energy industry,
wind power and drone technology.

Furthermore the latest news about TOPseven.

TOPseven Windenergie in Deutschland

Wind energy in Germany

Why is Germany perfect for wind energy? To answer this question, we should first understand the fundamental rules of constructing the perfect wind farm and what conditions should be met.

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TOPseven myths about wind energy

Myths about wind energy

Wind energy is becoming increasingly economical, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and air pollution. Despite its great potential, wind power has been criticised for some time, or rather always. For a long time now, there have been many myths about wind energy. We would like to address these myths and explain this issue as well.

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TOPseven Windenergie und Naturschutz

Wind energy and nature conservation

Wind energy is an essential part of the energy transformation and contributes significantly to the achievement of climate goals. Nevertheless, the construction of wind turbines is an intervention in nature and landscape – therefore, nature conservation must be considered during the planning and construction phase.

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TOPseven Künstliche Intelligenz Windkraft

Artificial intelligence as a driver of wind power

Intelligent solutions for more efficient wind farms. Artificial intelligence is already being used in many areas. Whether predictive maintenance, production forecasts or autonomous driving – AI is used in almost all industries. So, why not also in the field of renewable energies, more specifically wind energy?

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TOPseven 3D Druck in der Luftfahrt

3D Printing in Aviation

In the aerospace sector, 3D-printed components are pretty interesting. They can be produced fast, cost-effectively and are much lighter than conventional components. This reduces dependence on suppliers, there are lower emissions and reduces fuel consumption in aircraft for example.

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