The essentials of drone-assisted industrial inspection by TOPseven

In the world of technology, automation is no longer an option but is now imperative to make industrial processes more effective, safer and more efficient.

We at TOPseven use the latest technologies to offer our customers, not just in Germany but also worldwide, innovative software solutions that are, moreover, based on high-performance hardware such as drones and sensors.

From digitalisation through Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning to deep learning, we work with and on the latest developments in this sector.

But what exactly does automation mean?

In principle the issue is to simplify or completely automate manual work processes by deploying the latest technologies.

While drones, as hardware components, take over physical tasks, it is highly innovative software developments that automate tasks previously undertaken by people. Here and there it can actually be useful to reduce the human factor in this equation or certain processes.

However, considerable confidence is required in comprehensive automation because then technology is responsible for a major part of the quality assurance. And that is exactly where we come in.

What is more: drones can only achieve their significant potential if they are used in an automated manner; you will find further information here.

Made in Germany: TOPseven, a pioneer in automation technology

Our DNA is a cocktail of software, sensors, navigation and technology. From this cocktail we develop, on a daily basis together with our international team of experts, AI-based navigation and analysis software based on high-performance hardware for the inspection of not just wind turbine generators, but also PV farms and harbour facilities, as well as complex infrastructure.

By means of the targeted use of drones and AI, it is now possible to inspect and monitor areas that in the past were difficult to access or could not be accessed at all. After the flight, the AI-based image processing enables us to analyse and evaluate complex volumes of data quickly and precisely, and to save the data to the cloud. These data and the recordings remain the property of the customer and can be downloaded from the cloud at any time.

Trends and developments: AI and deep learning – the future in automation

Deep learning is a further development of AI that makes it possible for machines to learn autonomously and make decisions. Here algorithms are used that are able to detect patterns and relationships in the large amount of data. The integration of AI and deep learning algorithms also contributes to the continuous improvement of the quality of the inspection processes and the accuracy of the results. Here all peculiarities and quirks of the infrastructure inspected must be taken into account, including the wind and weather conditions, overall a very complex topic. We ensure the seamless interaction of all components and disciplines with our unique automation concept.

Based on the example of the drone-assisted industrial inspection of wind turbine generators, specifically this task involves:

Automation of the flight of the drone as such, data acquisition, the analysis of the data acquired and finally, reporting. The result is automation at its finest.


The development of increasingly advanced algorithms and machine learning models will make it possible in future to shape increasingly complex processes and systems so they are even more efficient and automated. For the future, under the motto: MAKING DRONES SMARTER, we at TOPseven have set ourselves the task of making it possible to inspect, regularly and completely, even difficult to access infrastructure of any nature, not only in Germany but all over the world, so that damage can be detected at an early stage, the consequences of the damage minimised and service life increased in the context of a sustainable world.