The use of ChatGPT at TOPseven

Potential and challenges in the implementation of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently on everyone’s lips, particularly because applications like ChatGPT are showing the world how powerful and effective AI can be.

In recent months, the emergence of this new generation of generative AI tools has shown clearly that AI is no longer only of importance in research or for the technology giants in Silicon Valley, it has actually developed into a technology that every business and individual can use.

As an innovative software business, we at TOPseven also rely on AI technology to automate and optimise our internal processes so we can continuously improve our efficiency.

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) a revolutionary language model developed by OpenAI is taking the world by storm. After, on 30 November 2022, it was made available to the public as a free of charge research preview, within five days one million users had registered to use ChatGPT. The AI revolution has been in full swing since then.

In response to requests in the form of text such as questions or instructions, it generates content in any form, including prose, poetry and even computer code. ChatGPT can write and analyse program code in various programming languages. As such it could also be used to debug code.

Here it uses deep-learning methods to generate text at the human level. As a language-based application, ChatGPT makes possible a dialogue, unlike a classic search machine such as Google. The quality of the replies varies from brilliant to childishly naive. With the aid of generative AI algorithms, it can analyse large amounts of text data at lightning speed and provide surprisingly coherent, articulate replies. In short, ChatGPT has revolutionised the way we process language and interact with our virtual world.

The most important facts, questions & answers



ChatGPT is an impressive technology that can be used for many applications. Perhaps the most fascinating aspect is its versatility. The ability to generate content in various languages, to answer questions and even hold conversations with users can be very useful for many applications and sectors; particularly in customer support and the FAQ area it can also be used efficiently.
On the other hand, it is necessary to be aware of the disadvantages of using ChatGPT. One of the greatest concerns is that ChatGPT can generate inappropriate content due to biased data or training models. It is therefore important to monitor ChatGPT and scrutinise its results. Also, implementation requires a certain amount of technical expertise and resources, which may be more complex than anticipated.

The replies from AI are sometimes to be treated with caution – especially if current information and facts are involved – the system’s level of knowledge is from September 2021. ChatGPT itself does not try to hide that mistakes can occur and content may be incorrect. This aspect is confirmed both as a warning on the homepage and also while conversing with the chatbot.
Despite these challenges, it is obvious that ChatGPT represents a powerful technology that can be of great benefit for both businesses and developers. With the right instructions and care, ChatGPT can contribute to the more effective and faster completion of a broad palette of tasks – also at TOPseven.


The question of copyright in relation to artificial intelligence is not new, however due to the success of ChatGPT, the discussion is now livelier than ever because it generates content that may stem from copyright-protected sources – keyword: copywriting.

At the end of March ChatGPT was banned by regulatory authorities in Italy due to data protection infringements. OpenAI had 20 days to respond to these allegations, during this period ChatGPT was blocked for all Italians. The ban was lifted again at the end of April 2023 after OpenAI made several assurances. Since then, personal information is no longer used actively, also not for advertising purposes.


Call for a pause in AI development: on 23 March 2023 the Future of Life Institute published an open letter that called for a pause in the development of advanced AI systems. The authors see an “an out-of-control race to develop and deploy ever more powerful digital minds that no one – not even their creators – can understand, predict, or reliably control “. They see far-reaching risks for society and mankind.
In the middle of May 2023, contrary to all expectations, OpenAI launched an iOS app for ChatGPT in the USA; this app has also been available for download in Germany since 25 May 2023 and is therefore driving forward the mobile use of ChatGPT. The overall situation related to the topic of AI and ChatGPT remains very dramatic.


All things considered, ChatGPT is a major step forward in relation to the efficient preparation of content and with its growing popularity, it could be THE driving force of the future.

For us at TOPseven, it is a wonderful tool for obtaining inspiration, for automating simple, repetitive tasks and in this way saving time effectively. Finally, it should be emphasised that ChatGPT is not a replacement for human workers, but instead ideally supplements and supports them.