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Contactless lightning protection measurement

Contactless lightning protection measurement

Florian Zimmer | 09/28/2020

TOPseven TÜV Süd Inspection Contactless Lightning Protection

Today, professional industrial climbers are checking the condition of the blades and lightning protection. The low-ohmic electrical resistance between the arresting devices in the blades and the ground connection lug at the base of the tower are measured. Besides the limited availability of climbers, the biggest challenges are the height of modern on- and offshore wind turbines and the length of the blades.

The Starnberg-based company TOPseven has developed over many years a method to measure the lightning protection contactless by using an autonomously flying drone. This development was accompanied by the TÜV Süd during the whole time.

The drone supported, contactless lightning protection measurement was presented to TÜV Süd Industrie Service GmbH on 09/24/2020 at a wind turbine of Windpower GmbH in the Upper Palatinate district of Neumarkt (Germany). Peter H. Meier, head of department of the Wind Service Center, commented the following:

“TOPseven presented us today an impressive, innovative solution for the drone based inspection of a wind turbine, which allows for the first time the contactless lightning protection measurement. We see through this development for a long time and are pleased that today’s test allows us to expect that this patented technology will eliminate future bottlenecks in inspection and make it even more reliable.”

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