Diversity at TOPseven

a mosaic of talent

The modern world of work is characterised by diversity and internationality – two terms that are no longer just slogans but a living reality in progressive companies.

TOPseven, a specialist in the development of drone software for the visual inspection of wind turbine generators and PV installations as well as complex infrastructure, is a prime example of diversity in practice.

With its current 52 employees from 11 countries (as of 10/2023) the company is a kaleidoscope of cultural backgrounds and experience that is reflected positively in all aspects of the company’s work.

A world map in the office: the 11 nationalities at TOPseven

The strength of TOPseven is evident not least in the international composition of its workforce. With 34 employees from Germany and 18 from Great Britain, Italy, India, Switzerland, Iran, Ukraine, Tunisia, Egypt, Thailand and China, TOPseven has a workforce that almost encompasses the globe. Each of these nationalities brings its own perspectives, approaches and solution strategies that significantly enrich our software development and daily interactions.

Global diversity as an innovation driver

These 11 nations represent a spectrum of languages, cultures and mindsets that fuel the power of innovation at TOPseven every day. Precision, creativity and innovative approaches to solving problems are required during the development of software for highly complex drone technology.

The multicultural composition of the company provides just that: an international mixture of talented people who, with their different educations and professional backgrounds, contribute to expanding boundaries and generating new ideas.

Diversity of age and experience

With an age range from 22 to 72, TOPseven also profits from an unusual range of experience, both professional and personal. The dynamic mixture of young innovation and mature wisdom provides a balanced perspective while solving problems and a work environment in which knowledge transfer and life-long learning are a top priority.

Cultural intelligence promotes creativity

The intercultural workforce at TOPseven is not only advantageous during software development, it also promotes a positive atmosphere in the organisation. The different cultural backgrounds of the employees enrich the fabric of the team and in this way strengthen social skills within the company. Working together and celebrating different public holidays and traditions contributes to the bond between the members of the team and makes TOPseven an attractive employer.


Diversity at TOPseven is not just a concept – it is a real experience. The 11 nationalities of the employees make the company a microcosm in which global awareness and intercultural competence characterise every day. In software development as well as everyday interactions, it is these diverse perspectives that make TOPseven a pioneer in the area of innovation and international collaboration. The company shows that diversity among employees is an invaluable advantage that makes it possible to master the challenges of a globally networked world and to grow as a team. At TOPseven the world is not just a guest – it works hand in hand for a successful joint future, always true to the motto: MAKING DRONES SMARTER.

Marion Rissel
Human Resources

Published: 18. December 2023