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energy consult Prüfgesellschaft trusts in the innovative solution from TOPseven

Jessica Lenz | 07/01/2022

TOPseven und energy consult Prüfgesellschaft
f.l.t.r.: Knud Rissel, Geschäftsführer TOPseven; Birger Christiansen, Geschäftsführer energy consult Prüfgesellschaft; Carsten Kühne, Head of Sales energy consult Prüfgesellschaft; Katja Weißbach, Head of Sales TOPseven

The innovative TOPseven technology enables energy consult Prüfgesellschaft to carry out efficient, high-quality visual inspections as well as lightning protection checks on the rotary blades of wind turbines using drones. This can be done with its own drones and own personnel because the TOPseven is alone in no longer requiring specialised pilots: Before the inspection flight, a patented technology is used to calculate an exact flight route so that the drone flies around the turbine autonomously. The high-resolution images are especially precise because of this autonomous flight and afterwards are processed further into a damage report in the TOPseven cloud. This halves turbine downtime and yield losses for the operator, as the inspections can be combined with checks of the nacelle and tower.

The TOPseven technology is also the first to allow for drone-supported, zero-contact lightning protection measurements. The patented process is unique on the market. It is based on a non-invasive feed-in of an electromagnetic field in the lightning protection system which is measured during the autonomous, zero-contact flight around the rotary blades using special sensors. For the first time, the field data collected in this way can quickly, efficiently and precisely determine the functionality of a lightning protection system using special measuring technology alongside mathematical and algorithmic processing. The innovative TOPseven process can also precisely locate potential damage which can then be tracked for later repairs.

energy consult Prüfgesellschaft was trained by TOPseven in the use of the technology and is now fully up to date with the latest technology standard in the field of technical audits.

Birger Christiansen, CEO of energy consult Prüfgesellschaft GmbH: “The solution by TOPseven means that we are using the latest technology and can offer our customers a highly innovative process for technical audits. The zero-contact lightning protection measurement in particular sets new benchmarks and will become the leading system on the market in future. The autonomous process enables our employees to use the solution independently – which makes things a lot easier.”

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About energy consult Prüfgesellschaft GmbH

Established as a subsidiary of energy consult GmbH in 2017, energy consult Prüfgesellschaft ensures technically sound and safe operation of wind turbines. With more than 30 years of experience in technical wind farm management, the technical inspection agency is familiar with most turbines and has precise knowledge of potential faults and how to fix them. The experts perform extensive checks of the machinery, rotary blades and bearing structures, thereby reducing the risk of downtime and security issues.

energy consult GmbH, based in Cuxhaven and in Husum, is one of the leading operating companies in the wind energy sector, is active in 5 countries in Europe and currently manages over 800 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of more than 2 GW gigawatts. Today, the company and its subsidiaries energy consult Prüfgesellschaft GmbH in Husum, MEB Safety Services GmbH in Bremen as well as energy consult Polska in Poland and energy consult Sverige in Sweden combine their concentrated expertise in operation management of wind farms, solar parks and substations.

About TOPseven

TOPseven specialises in globally patented high-tech solutions for drone-supported inspections. With our international team of experts, we develop AI-based navigation and analysis software as well as special hardware in the areas of sensors and drones. Our vision is to make infrastructures of all kinds safer and to ensure that they last longer. That is our contribution to an environmental and economic future.

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