Field Office Development

On the move in the field: how the Field Office changes the everyday work of software developers at TOPseven

In a constantly changing business world, mobile workplaces have long since become an essential element. In this context, our Field Office is innovative and unique; it was developed especially for our employees.
In contrast to traditional software development, which is mostly undertaken at a desk, we are revolutionising this process and are excellently equipped to meet all challenges. Our software specialists test our developments together with one of the four operations teams in the real environment and, as far as possible, in realistic conditions – keywords: wind and weather – to make sure that everything works down to the last detail.

The basis for our Field Office model is an unusual office on wheels housed in a camper van equipped as a mobile office. It makes it possible for us to work in a targeted and efficient manner directly on site; whether as a mobile control room or as a meeting room outdoors, always in the immediate vicinity of the object to be inspected, in real ambient conditions and in close cooperation with the operations team. Our software developers and our customers both profit from this unique, unparalleled working environment.

From the desk to the field: increasing efficiency by means of mobile working

Nothing replaces reality

Even though our software team develops, programs and tests in simulations to the greatest possible extent in the office, nothing can replace the real world.
Our software specialists are not only versed in office-based theory, they are also practical. All have the necessary drone licence. They launch the drones with the support of the operations team to analyse the behaviour of the drones and to ensure that the program delivers the required results after the implementation of new functions. On site, they still have access to the necessary development tools, such as debuggers; as well as fast access to the underlying database structure. Working in the field at TOPseven means being perfectly equipped to meet all challenges.

Advantages of the all-round field office

Probably the biggest advantage is the mobility. Due to the use of a camper van as a mobile workplace, our software developers can work in widely varying and very remote places. This situation provides greater flexibility and freedom during implementation, not forgetting sustainability and improved productivity.

Equipment and working environment

The office van features the latest technology and equipment. This equipment includes everything necessary for the work of the software developers, such as laptops, cameras, drones and not overlooking: air-conditioning and auxiliary heating – after all we often test in extreme conditions and weather – as well as: desk, kitchenette, eating area, shower and toilet. Trips from one day to a complete working week are therefore not a problem. The Field Office as a game changer.

Teamwork and team vibes

Even if or precisely because the Field Office is a mobile office, it is possible to work together constructively as a team at all times. By means of the use of video and audio conferences, our developers can communicate and interact with colleagues at any time and from anywhere. Furthermore, the interaction with the operations team on site is also extremely valuable.
There are studies that demonstrate how social interaction in the workplace contributes immensely to the creativity and productivity of employees. The Field Office can therefore be seen as an opportunity to promote teamwork and to improve the atmosphere at work.
For us at TOPseven this is very clearly the case and there is now nobody who would like to do without the interaction in the Field Office. The finest TEAM VIBES.


In a nutshell: the Field Office represents a highly innovative concept not only for our software developers. It is a large step in the realisation of our TOPseven vision: MAKING DRONES SMARTER.