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Gothaer approves the TOPseven lightning protection measurement system

Victoria von Richthofen | 06/15/2022

TOPseven lps measurement system approved by Gothaer

The innovative, drone-based TOPseven method for contactless lightning protection measurement is officially approved as an alternative test method by Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG.

The core idea of the patented TOPseven method is the non-invasive injection of an electromagnetic field into the lightning protection conductor and the contactless take-off of the rotor blades by means of a drone. This is equipped with a special sensor for field measurement. The measurement carried this way, can be evaluated with a help of a special measuring technique and mathematical algorithm which makes the functionality of the lightning protection system faster, more efficient and more accurate. The TOPseven method can also be used to precisely localize possible damage points, which means that they can also be subsequently repaired at any time.

The alternative method has granted the European patent in 2021 (EP 3 596 570 B1), and has also been validated and verified by TÜV SÜD, thus fulfilling the requirements of the technical guideline for testing lightning protection systems on wind turbines issued by the German Wind Energy Association (BWE). The recognition of the procedure by Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung AG further strengthens the confidence in TOPseven’s alternative testing method.
Further information can be found here:

Gothaer is the market leader for onshore wind turbine insurance in Germany, France, Belgium and Austria. In Germany, more than 30 percent of wind turbines – around 8,000 turbines – are insured with Gothaer.

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