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Patent grant calibration flight

Jessica Lenz | 04/08/2022

TOPseven drone with lps - calibration

TOPseven technology for visual detection of reference data for wind turbines receives German patent

The TOPseven technology for visual detection of reference data of an object received the German patent (DE 10 2020 210 618) in March 2022.

To calculate detailed flight routes for an autonomous drone flight for the inspection of wind turbines, certain position data of different areas of a wind turbine are required. Often, CAD data is not sufficient for this purpose, since components such as rotor blades are permanently exposed to physical forces, even when not in operation. For this reason, a specific model of the turbine must be created.

Using a visual method developed by TOPseven, it is possible to capture the essential characteristics of a wind turbine using a reference flight within a few minutes. Based on this data, a specific model is generated automatically with the help of artificial intelligence, enabling an autonomous flight at the turbine.

The “method and system for object detection”, determines the following reference data:

TOPseven calibration flight

  • The exact GPS coordinates of the tower center
  • The hub height and the hub diameter
  • The orientation (heading/azimuth angle)
  • The center and diameter of the rotor blade flanges
  • The length, pitch and position of the rotor blades
  • The rotor blade thickness – and width

Based on this data, a detailed flight path for an autonomous flight can be created. This is required for an automated, drone-based flight of a wind turbine as well as other objects. Please find here further information:

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