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Patent grant contactless lightning protection measurement

Jessica Lenz | 08/11/2021

European Patent granted for TOPseven method of contactless lightning protection measurement!

TOPseven’s unique measuring method for contactless lightning protection measurement of wind turbines has not only been validated and verified by TÜV SÜD, but has also, 5 years after the application, been granted the European patent on July 21, 2021 (EP 3 596 570).

Patent EP 3 596 570

“Method for determining a path along an object, system and method for automatically inspecting an object and for checking the electrical continuity of a lightning rod of the object.”



The core idea of the innovative TOPseven method is the non-invasive injection of an electromagnetic field into the lightning protection conductor and the contactless take-off of the rotor blades by means of a drone. This is equipped with a special sensor for field measurement. The measurement carried this way, can be evaluated with a help of a special measuring technique and mathematical algorithm which makes the functionality of the lightning protection system faster, more efficient and more accurate.

Please find all information here: Contactless lightning protection measurement

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