revolutionising drone navigation at TOPseven

SLAM or Simultaneous Localization and Mapping is one of the most exciting key technologies in the world of robotics and automated systems; it is truly ground-breaking.

At TOPseven, a high-tech company in the drone technology sector specialising in automated, drone-assisted inspection, we view SLAM as a crucial technological breakthrough that has the potential to change fundamentally the way drones perceive their surroundings and navigate. Let us immerse ourselves in this fascinating world and discover how we at TOPseven are using this advanced technique.

SLAM: a technological milestone

First, it is important to understand what SLAM actually is. This is a revolutionary method that enables machines to orientate themselves completely autonomously in unknown surroundings and at the same time to prepare a map of these surroundings. This ability is invaluable, particularly in areas in which GPS signals are weak or not available. GPS-poor areas can be densely built-up urban areas with high buildings, tunnels, remote pristine regions or complex bridge structures where GPS coverage is insufficient or non-existent.

For drones, in particular those for automated use in demanding or inaccessible areas, SLAM is a game changer. Traditionally, drones are heavily dependent on GPS signals for navigation and positioning. In GPS-poor surroundings, however, this method has its limits. This is where SLAM comes into play: by means of the combination of various sensors, cameras and advanced algorithms, drones can detect their position and at the same time prepare a precise 3D map of their surroundings in real time.

Use of SLAM at TOPseven

TOPseven uses SLAM in various scenarios to increase the efficiency and accuracy of their drones. SLAM is essential particularly in complex environments such as industrial plants or under bridges. It enables the drones to avoid obstacles, to move safely and to undertake automated tasks, even if GPS support is limited or non-existent; this ability is crucial for navigation tasks and visual inspections.

Integration and innovation – advantages of SLAM in practice

The use of SLAM offers TOPseven numerous advantages. It increases the safety of the drones by avoiding collisions and improves the accuracy of data acquisition. SLAM also permits better planning and implementation of automated inspection flights, which saves time and, above all, resources.

SUMMARY: a look into the future

At TOPseven, SLAM is more than just a tool – it is an essential element of the company’s mission to expand the limits of drone technology. Due to the continuous further development and adaptation of this technology, TOPseven is very well equipped to tackle the challenges of the future and to maintain its leading position in the provision of precise, efficient and safe drone inspection services. With SLAM, TOPseven is setting new standards in drone navigation and data acquisition that will permanently change the world of automated inspections. MAKING DRONES SMARTER.