Innovation project

For research into the technological limits and the further development of our basic technology, we were able to win a highly innovative project funded by the state of Lower Saxony, which is being carried out in cooperation with the Emden/Leer University of Applied Sciences.

Innovative research and development project

TOPseven specializes in globally patented high-tech solutions for autonomous drone-based inspections. With an international team of experts, we develop AI-based navigation and analysis software as well as special hardware in the areas of sensors and drones. This allows us to seamlessly examine even larger infrastructures for structure sizes down to a human hair. This project will take our technology to a new dimension and revolutionize the possibilities of infrastructure monitoring and inspection. Our vision is to make infrastructures of all kinds safer and to last longer. This is our contribution to an ecological and economic future.

TOPseven Remote Controller

To carry out the project, we are putting together a new team consisting of experts in AI software/hardware development and civil engineers. We are looking for people who already have expertise in these areas and are interested in working with us on exciting research and development projects.

We are looking for people who are driven by the curiosity of open-ended research and the ambition to achieve specific goals. The project is a combination of both: we pursue clear goals which we approach by exploring possibilities.

Have we aroused your interest in the research project and our vision? Then apply now for a permanent position at the Headquarter Starnberg or Emden location!


Ministry of Economics supports project with 4.8 million euros

The innovative goals of the TOPseven project are the development of a new autonomously flying drone with AI-based and GPS-independent control as well as an AI-based automatic analysis of the enormous amounts of data for the automatic detection of structural abnormalities. The project is funded with 4.8 million euros by the state of Lower Saxony.

Economics Minister Dr. Bernd Althusmann personally justified this unusually high amount of funding when handing over the notification: The project pursues the drone-supported infrastructure analysis of bridges, ships and wind turbines, which is a “highly innovative approach”, says Althusmann.

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