TOPseven inspection

The smart inspection of industrial plants with TOPseven: training, implementation, evaluation – fully automated and without special prior knowledge.

Professional industrial climbers are currently checking the lightning protection and the condition of the rotor blades. In addition to their limited availability, the biggest challenges are the height of modern onshore and offshore wind turbines and the length of the rotor blades. The smart and patented inspection from TOPseven can eliminate bottlenecks in the future and make them safer. A simple, transparent solution with no hidden costs.

TOPseven Drohnengestützte Inspektion Windanlage

Ablauf der Inspektion

Punkt 1 "Befähigung" im Ablauf der TOPseven Inspektion


The initial, one-time, theoretical and practical training enables our customers’ employees to carry out an independent inspection. We provide detailed documentation and training materials. In addition, our customers receive the complete DJI hardware and the TOPseven software for the period of use or the commissioned number of missions.

Punkt 2 "Durchführung" im Ablauf der TOPseven Inspektion


Our customer determines the number of missions and the period of independent inspection. The drone and all accessories are provided by TOPseven. You can carry out your smart inspection independently and on your own.

Punkt 3 "Auswertung" im Ablauf der TOPseven Inspektion


Your inspection is evaluated in the TOPseven Cloud and the software environment. The data is available to you at all times and remains your property. You will receive the corresponding TOPseven software for evaluating and creating the damage reports of your inspection that are customary in the industry.

Punkt 4 "Preisgestaltung" im Ablauf der TOPseven Inspektion


Simple and transparent prices: Only the missions actually booked are charged! The one-time training including training material as well as the most modern drone technology including the TOPseven software and cloud are made available to you free of charge for the period of the missions. The prices of the missions depend on the quantity and can be requested on request.

Any questions? Our team is happy to be there for you personally.