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Posts on current topics related to the energy industry,
wind power and drone technology.

Furthermore the latest news about TOPseven.

TOPseven controller

Drone License

With the new EU Drone Regulation the “small drone license” is required if the drone weighs more than 250g – regardless of whether the drone is used privately or commercially. This replaces the certificates of competence of the countries.

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TOPseven DJI Drone

EU Drone Regulation

The new EU Drone Regulation EU Drone Regulation that forces in January 2021 defines basic rules for all EU countries. This replaces specific drone laws from single countries. There will be also in future state-specific requirements that must fulfilled in addition.

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TOPseven Drohnentechnologie der Zukunft

The future of drone technology

According to “airdronecraze“, a website of a partner advertising program of Amazon Services LLC, drone technology instead has seven potential generations – most of the current technology is in the fifth and sixth generation.

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TOPseven TÜV Süd Inspection Lightning Protection

Contactless lightning protection measurement

Today, professional industrial climbers are checking the condition of the blades and lightning protection. The low-ohmic electrical resistance between the arresting devices in the blades and the ground connection lug at the base of the tower are measured.

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